Re: Mach1 slewing and position issues

Roland Christen

Place the mount manually (clutches loose) to Park3 position. Cycle power. Then resume from Park3 and you should be ok. Slew to a known bright star and the scope should be pointing close. Use the buttons to center the star and do a Recal.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Mach1 slewing and position issues

Set up my new-to-me Mach1 CP4 last night and thought I was off to the races, but I seem to be hitting some kind of "limit" that prevents me from slewing west. The mount is also reporting CW up when it's nearly straight down. I'm guessing the two are related, but I can't say for sure.

I don't think this matters but I'll note it here, when I received the mount I rotated the worm wheels 45 degrees per AP's maintenance notes to prevent worm wheel wear. 

I released the clutches and put the mount in the Park 2 position, manually slewed to the sky and did a blind solve with SGP which was successful. I then tried manually slewing west to start my drift align routine and the mount didn't seem to get very far before the button stopped responding. I could slew N, S, E no problem, and was able to slew back W until I hit that same point. I noticed the light on the CP4 turned yellow when I reached this point. I also noticed the AP driver was stating "CW Up" when it was almost straight down. Looking at the driver again I verified my lat/long, my time zone being correct, that the mount was getting a time sync from the PC which it was, and that there were no motor stall errors. I did another blind solving thinking some kind of limit was set up on the mount by the previous owner and maybe my first solve was incorrect, the 2nd solve was successful but the issue remains. I verified the RA/Dec were roughly correct from the solve.

I tried powering everything off and going through the same process, I tried connecting the keypad to see if I got a different result, no change. Made sure the AP driver and CP4 firmware was on the latest versions. 

I don't see anything in the driver that would enable a limit and prevent manual slewing. I checked the mount to see if there was some kind of physical obstruction, all my cables are going through the mount so the outside looked clear. I thought worst case the worm wheel had an obstruction so I disengaged the worm and put the mount on a different section of the wheel, but the limit seems to have moved with it. That seems to rule out any physical obstruction on the wheel which I'm relieved about, but I still can't figure this out. Any advice?

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