mach 2 sky model relative offsets #Mach2GTO

Steve Armen

Maybe this is possible already with APCC?

For those of us without a permanent mounting or observatory, we setup and break down our mount (hoping a mach 2 before too long) each time out under dark skies. How difficult would it be to setup one time, do a good polar alignment, then build a fairly detailed sky model and store it off. Then setting up in a similar place on another night, after polar align, repeat a reduced set of points for the same model previously built and compute relative offsets or corrections for the completed model done earlier based on the reduced set. The object would be to quickly calibrate the old model to the new relative position and be able to use it. The reduced set up points would cover parts of the sky from the larger model. Maybe this is wishful thinking that interpolated offsets or corrections could be constructed from a reduced model. Just a thought.

Please skewer this idea if it deserves it!


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