Re: Sky Safari with Mach2


When I took delivery of my Mach2 without the handset keypad, I did not yet have a PC computer. So I tried using the mount with my Sky Safari program. I could move the mount with the arrows but that was all. Surprisingly, I could do this with a very old iPad and an equally vintage version of Sky Safari Pro.

Bad idea. Once I had access to a PC with APCC and the proper drivers, the 3D view window revealed that the mount thought it was pointing at 63 degrees declination and counterweight up, even though it was physically it was in Park 3. This was fixed after I established the Home position as Park 3. Many thanks to the excellent Astro-Physics crew for their extensive assistance on this issue.

In the Sky Safari program, under "Telescope Setup" Astro-Physics GTO mounts are among the many listed, but the brand-new Mach2 does not yet fully work with this setting. My understanding is that Sky Safari is working to update the program, but I don't know the current status of this work. I think there are initialization issues. Bear in mind that I am a novice with Astro-Physics gear and PC computers. I used Macs exclusively as a photographer and photo editor for newspapaers and magazines. My previous mount was a push-to Losmandy, purchased in 1994.

For now, I'm not connecting Sky Safari to the Mach2. The mount itself runs smoothly and accurately with APCC and TheSky. I use the PC computer to nudge the scope to the proper position when doing calibrations and star syncs with my various telescopes and cradles. I am certainly looking forward to the delivery of the handset.


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