Re: help with AP900 guiding via ASIAir Pro

Roland Christen

maybe reversed pins?)
Reversed pins are not going to reverse the commands to move. I assume that you are using ASCOM to control the mount via the USB connection. The move commands are software commands so they are not hardware related. If the mount is getting the commands, then it will move. I would try PHD2 for guiding, and once you see that the mount does what it's supposed to do, then you can try your other guide software.


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thanks Rolando...I'm going to have a closer look at the guide logs to see if that is what was happening.  There does not appear to be a function in ASIAir to reverse the move commands as far as I know.  I'll be trying a new USB-RS232 active cable in hopes that it is a cable connection issue (maybe reversed pins?)
I also tried to get PHD2 going instead of the ASIAir, but having trouble connecting to the mount.  I'll try that again as well.

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