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Thanks again Ray

I figured it out - a combination of wrong timzeone and I adjusted J2000 to JNOW or vice versa, I'm not 100% sure

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Hi Brian,

The setting to disable is called "Prevent Errant RCALs" in APCC's Advanced settings.

That said, do you feel the mount could be more than 5 degrees from its actual position? What Jian had happen because he used the ASCOM 6.5 beta release has me a bit worried there might be a bug in ASCOM's precession routines. That is make sure you are using nothing later than 6.4 SP1 for now.

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> Hi folks
> we are working on first light for out 1600AE down at obstech
> It's going good so far(?)
> I can get an image and platesolve via SGP - for this very first solve it predictably fails over to blind solve,
> which it does successfully
> However when SGP attempts to sync with the mount it throws up an error that recal failed because it is too far
> (39 > 5.000 degrees) from current RA/DEC
> What would you poke at first to fix this? we checked our date/time/location, and unparked from Park 3, but
> maybe we're missing something on the startup here
> thanks
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> Brian
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