Re: APPM plate solve failure and then APCC stopping working


Hi Ray,
Thank you for pointing out the ASCOM version. So, ZWO screws up us.
I followed the ZWO install driver web page's instructions two weeks ago, Now ZWO wants their customer to rollback to SP6.4 SP1.
I rollbacked the ASCOM to SP6.4, and restarted APCC pro. The data showing the Pointing Model are looking fine now. 
However, I did see an error message pop up a few times during the APCC pro startup. "Precess.J2000ToNow: Error...." See attached images.
It seems to me that ASCOM 6.5 having Precess.J200oToNow compatible issues.
I will re-run the pointing model when the sky is clear.

Jian Yuan Peng

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