Re: Going Unguided With a Long FL Scope?

Mike Dodd

On 6/12/2020 12:18 AM, Tony Benjamin wrote:
* a guidescope (flexure issue)
I recommend that you seriously consider a separate guide scope, and do everything you can to minimize flexure.

I use a 300mm f/5 guide scope with ST-402 camera on a dovetail plate adjacent to my 30mm f/7 OTA. Initially I experienced some flexure, but got it under control. This link: <> describes what I did.

And this image: <> is a 30-minute guided image that exhibits no flexure. I'm very pleased that my efforts paid off.

* a new camera with minimal backfocus (the ML16200 I'm using eats up
21mm - maybe the ASI6200??)
Will your C11 fully illuminate the full-frame sensor in the ASI6200? I definitely would confirm that before investing in a new camera.


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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