Re: APPM plate solve failure and then APCC stopping working

Ray Gralak


Can you attach the PNT file that hangs APCC to a message here? It should be easy to figure out if I have that file.

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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] APPM plate solve failure and then APCC stopping working

Hi Ray,
I had successfully run two small-map twice when I unchecked "Precess J2000 to JNow", and consistently
failed (only first two points solved) when it was checked.
It seems to me that this option makes a big difference for my setup. The help file stated
"When plate solving catalogues typically use J2000.0 coordinates. If this option is checked (recommended)
then APPM will precess plat-solved coordinates to JNow(the current epoch). APPC can handle J2000.0 and
JNow coordinates so enabling this option is optional. However, when enabled it might be easier to analyze
pointingndata in a third party program, like Excel."
If my understanding correctly, when this option checked, then APPM sends JNow coordinates to PlateSolve
app. If unchecked, then APPM sends J2000 to the PlateSolve app.
I was able to run twice with the unchecked option.
Anyway, I don't care about running with the checked option and failed to plate solved the points after the third
The most important object is that I don't want APCC pro hanging (which you didn't answer for me yet) when I
enable the point model with the data corrected from APPM with the unchecked option. The APCC application
stops working when I enable the Pointing/Tracking Correction. I can't close the APCC Pro window at all.

The summary: (Please comment)
1. Users can run APPM with uncheck "Precess J2000 to JNow" option to generate the pointing model for
APCC. Pro. Right?
2. APCC Pro should be run without any issues with the model generated with unchecking "Precess J2000 to
JNow" option when enabling Tracking/Pointing Correction. Right?
If the abovementioned two statements are accurate, Could you please help me to find out why APCC Pro app
is hanging on my system when I enable the pointing model?
So, we don't spend time on plate solving. I have a model loaded in the point model and I want to use it.
Let me know whether I need to upload more log files for you.
Jian Yuan Peng

On/ Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 06:00 PM, Ray Gralak wrote:

Did you find out why APPM could plate solve all of the points when I unchecked "Precess J2000
to JNow"?

I forgot to answer this. Probably what happened is that you finally got a good plate solve, thus the
others solved.

The previous solves failed because of one bad solve which skewed the coordinates. That was not
APPM's fault. APPM only reports what the plate solve reports back to it.

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