Re: Mach1 Grease kit were? is it hiding on the site?

Roland Christen

Hi Ron,

A. Call the office for a grease kit. It is not on the website.

B. Your Mach1 has the latest gearbox, which is not the instructions that are posted on our website for gearbox removal. below are some pictures to help you remove the gearbox.
1 - back the worm off via the lever on the side of the gearbox. Make sure you have the scope in park3 so it does not swing wild when you back the worm off.
2 - remove the 4 screws holding the back cover on
3 - down inside the gearbox under the two holes as shown, there are 2 Allen Head screws. They are captive. You loosen them completely and then you can lift the gearbox off the mount.
4 - the worm can then be cleaned. You can even plug it back into your CP3 and turn it at slewing speeds with the E-W buttons.

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