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Greg Mueller <mueller@...>

I am doing the same thing and ran into the same problem. I am using three
5/8" bolts 120 apart, coming out of the pier. One of my bolts (the north
most) and their place for a bolt clashed. My solution was to use one of
their places for the 1/4" bolt (the southern most bolt hole) and then put in
two more 120 apart from that one. Works fine. I have and "adapter block"
that fits inbetween the pier and the AP plate where the transition occures.
It's at the anodizers now or I'd send you a foto.

Alex Colburn wrote:

I have an AP1200 on order and intend to mount it on a concrete pier in
my observatory. AP sent me the sheet detailing the holes to be used for
mounting it to your own pier. Unfortunately the position of these holes
clashes very badly with the fixings in my pier which are resin anchored
into the reinforced concrete. I propose to have a custom pier adapter
made with the correct mounting holes ready for when the mount arrives.
To do this I need some accurate measurements of the various holes and
parts on the AP adapter:

1.The size and relative position of the azimuth adjuster block.

2.The thread size and relative positions of the four mount attachment

3.The size and thread size of the centering screw.

I guess it would be best to reference all dimensions to the centering
screw. I hope someone can help me out here, I'd hate to wait until the
mount arrives before being able to get the plate made.

Thanks, Alex.

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