Re: APPM plate solve failure and then APCC stopping working


Hi Ray,
Polar Alignment is very good done with SharpCap and PHD2 Drift alignment. I used AP ASCOM driver for imaging before I went to sleep in the past 2 nights and got PHD2 RMS total about  0.5 or less. The pointing with AP ASCOM driver only is dead on every time which target was always on the chip.
My telescope is TEC 160FL with 0.9 FRC. See my APPM setting in the attached image,
Did you find out why APPM could plate solve all of the points when I unchecked "Precess J2000 to JNow"? 
Can you see the image 1 in my previous message? The plate solve on SGPro is OK, but failed at APPM.
It seems to me that the fourth point in the attached image 1, The coordinates between Run windows, PlateSolve 2.29, and SGPro Plate Solve were not matched at all (don't make sense for me).  For example, I saw the fourth point plate solve failed, then I stopped the APPM run, and went to SGPro and right-click the image to plate solve. The RA/DEC Hints were matched on Run table, but not on the PlateSolve 2.29's Staring RA/Dec. 
Any idea?
Jian Yuan Peng

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