Re: APPM plate solve failure and then APCC stopping working

Ray Gralak

Wow… the first solve was off by 825 arc-minutes?


That doesn’t look good at all. Are you sure you are polar aligned?


What type of telescope are you using?




-Ray Gralak

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Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2020 3:52 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] APPM plate solve failure and then APCC stopping working


Hi Ray,
I had tried to run APPM twice on June 8 and 10 with a clear sky. I got the same problems in the following steps.
1. Started APPM after Horizon and Meridian setup, and camera used SGPro, and selected Small Map Default.
2. APPM was able to solve the first two points and then always failed after the third point. See attached image 1.
3. So, I stopped the APPM at the fourth point and went to SGPro to plate solve the image. See attached image 2.
   It seemed SGPro's image was pointing in the right direction.
4. Since APPM consistently failed to plate solve after the first two points, so I unchecked "Precess J2000 to JNow" and run again.
  See image 3. Then APPM completes run without any failure.
5. However, If I enable Tracking/Pointing Correction in the Pointing Model, then the APCC application stops working.
    The mount slew to park 3 after a timeout when APCC is no response anymore.
    if I don't enable the pointing model, and APCC pro works fine,
Could you help me to identify my problems? I guess that I should not uncheck Precess J2000 to JNow.
I uploaded the June 10 log file to the following link 

Jian Yuan Peng

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