PEM Curve From Keypad Versus PEM Pro

M Hambrick

I have some novice questions about the PEM curves for A-P mounts:

Is there a difference between the PEM curve that can be generated from the Keypad versus the curves that are generated by using PEM Pro ? The description in the Keypad manual describes a fixed 7 minute recording cycle for the 1100 Mount (one revolution of the worm). The description of PEM-Pro in the GTO-CP4 manual implies that the PEM curve can be created using more than one revolution of the worm.

The CP4 manual also mentions the PEM curve that is loaded into the CP4 before they are shipped to the customers. Is this curve created using PEM-Pro with multiple worm cycles, or is it generated using the Keypad function using just one cycle ? Do I have to enable (run) this pre-loaded curve from the Keypad, or is it always running in the background ?

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