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Thank you for sharing. Very nice work.


Sam Saeed




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I bought APCC pro and planned on a pointing model. But once I put the Mach1 to use I found I did not need a pointing model. I've not found any pointing error.  If there is some because I unclutched and moved the mount a plate solve syncs it in 2 seconds. (ASTAP)
I have read that it would help if I just track without guiding for longer exposures. Since PHD2 is free why "not guide". 
I've found no need for a pointing model to improve accuracy. 
I'm a newbie - this May was my3 year. I like to enjoy the hobby so I opt for fun and fast results.
This often means that I also skip all calibration frames. 

Some of my stuff. 



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Pointing is a function between your planetarium program and the mount. You camera does not come into the equation.






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I’m about to purchase the APCC Pro software from Astro-Physics for my AP1100 mount. I do a have a quick question regarding the pointing model.


Will the model be affected by the rotation of the camera or removing it for maintenance and mounting it again in the same orientation?

What is the impact on pointing, tracking, etc..?

Do I have to recreate the model after such event?


Thank you very much.


Sam Saeed





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