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very nice one !


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Objet : [ap-gto] M83 - Southern Pinwheel in Centaurus
I recently uploaded this image which I took during a period of clear skies (but bad seeing) on the island of Hawaii this past March. I was testing out new pointing/tracking software with the keypad and used my 1600 encoder mount with the 175 EDF refractor and my trusty QSI683 camera. I have a few more images of other galaxies which I plan to post.

This spiral was really nice visually in the 175 refractor, and also in Chris Erickson's 130GT refractor which he generously loaned to me. We had a star party several days later to which we invited a number of locals and one professional astronomer (from Keck observatory) who was kept busy by the guests explaining stuff they saw in the eyepieces. That day we also had a wonderful house blessing, Hawaiian style, which included the observatory, where the Kapuna sprinkled the observatory, scope and mount (oops).

Hawaii Island can have incredibly good seeing and exceptionally clear dark skies, but depending on the trade winds can also have very poor seeing at times. When we came at the end of February, we learned that the major observatories on Mauna Kea had just had a horrible winter with most times no clear skies available. It was their worst winter season in memory. Fortunately by early March we a had a clear spell, but of course the Moon came to spoil it for deep sky imaging. Nevertheless, it is really cool to be able to swim and snorkel during the day and see Orion cresting overhead, in short sleeve weather at night.


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