Re: APCC Standard v1.8.2.0 and APCC Pro v1.8.2.1


Bryan and others,


Sometimes, a user will report an issue to Ray. Ray will fix the issue and then provide the user with a build to verify that it works. There is no point in releasing that build before the user verifies that the fix was made. As Ray said, sometimes another change needs to be made to the code before release.


It would be best not to download new versions until Ray actually releases them. Otherwise, you could download a problem you weren’t anticipating.


I hope this helps.


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There are several of us that have made the same observation in this thread about the lack of notification.  That reduces the likelihood of MS or AV being the cause.  What info can we provide to help suss this out?

One common factor may be APPC Pro versus Standard, which strikes me as odd, since they likely use the same mechanism.

P.S.  What is your process for getting feedback, if the users do not know about the new build?


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