Re: Dumb question about APPM

Dean Jacobsen

On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 09:39 AM, Ray Gralak wrote:
If you want to test plate solves in the daytime, select "NASA SkyView (Internet)" for the camera type. APPM will pull an image from the Nasa SkyView website at the mount's current RA/Dec and with the correct image scale, which can be configured on the Plate Solve Settings tab. Of course then make sure to uncheck the option to skip plate solves! :-)
The test run worked fine.  Now to execute under the stars.

Another dumb question...

When using the full sky model derived from the APPM mapping run, when should a meridian flip be executed?  As I am following an object higher in the east  I assume the model is using the mapped points on the east side of the mount to calculate the tracking rate.  Then the object crosses the meridian so I assume that I want to take advantage of the modeling of the mapped points on the west side of the meridian as the object moves into the west and then down. 

So, when should I flip the mount?

Is it OK to go 1/2 hour or one hour master the meridian before executing a flip?
Dean Jacobsen 
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