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Ray Gralak


A few more tips:

* If you want to see the order of the plate solves, enable the "Show Order" checkbox. You can animate the point order by clicking the "animate" button. This is just purely a visual display. You don't need to be connected to the mount or a camera.

* If you want to do a daytime test of APPM connected to the mount, on APPM's "Run" tab enable the "Skip Plate Solves (for Testing)" check box.

* If you want to test plate solves in the daytime, select "NASA SkyView (Internet)" for the camera type. APPM will pull an image from the Nasa SkyView website at the mount's current RA/Dec and with the correct image scale, which can be configured on the Plate Solve Settings tab. Of course then make sure to uncheck the option to skip plate solves! :-)

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Thanks for the pointers Ray. I will definitely use the horizon limits feature.
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