Dumb question about APPM

Dean Jacobsen

I'm reading the APCC/APPM manual and setting up the software for a trip out to the observatory next week where I will try to get pointing and tracking correction enabled on the Mach2 for the first time.

I was wondering about settings in the measurement points tab of APPM...

Because of light pollution domes to the east and the west, I only start imaging when my object is at least 45 degrees high in the eastern sky and I never follow the object below 45 degrees altitude in the western sky.

So, for the purpose of collecting measurement points, is there any need to set the Min. Altitude to anything less than 45 degrees or maybe 40 degrees?

With the Min. Altitude selector set to 40 degrees, the medium map default points are significantly less than with the selector off [57 vs. 155].

The only exception to my usual practice is where I am imaging high in the north where I may start objects 1/2 hour earlier than 45 degrees altitude.
Dean Jacobsen
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