Re: APCC Standard v1.8.2.0 and APCC Pro v1.8.2.1

Cheng-Yang Tan

Hi Ray,
   Perhaps there is another mechanism to check for updates within APCC that doesn't use any .net protocols. For example, from my experience, PEMPro always alerts me when there are available updates.


On Friday, June 5, 2020, 10:28:51 PM CDT, Jerome Allison <jallison@...> wrote:

Hi Ray,

I'm glad you're still updating APCC, but I wish you would announce the new versions here or anywhere. 

From another user's problem, I happened to find out today that there is a new version.  

Along with others, my install of APCC never alerts to a new version.  All I ever get is:

"You are running this version of APCC:"    (whatever version it might be)
           "The latest version of APCC is:"
                       (BLANK LINE)
                         "OK" button

I hope you will try to inform those of us in this situation.


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