Re: Mount is "lost"

Michael Hamburg

Thanks for the reply. So far I have been happy with my Canon 6D.

Best wishes, Michael

On Thursday, June 4, 2020, 01:54:27 PM EDT, willsonjared via <willsonjared@...> wrote:

I suspect your mount initially got “lost” because of the differences between a sync and a recal.  You mentioned using the meridian delay function. This is where people occasionally get into trouble on the differences between the two. Look through the user manual—I seem to recall it does a good job of explaining the difference and how to use them effectively.

As to the current pointing issues... You have a lot of focal length in your SCT, a movable primary mirror, and it sounds like you have not yet done a careful polar alignment. I would start there—doing the careful polar alignment. It won’t change the fact that you have a movable primary and a lot of focal length, but it will improve things. 

Long term, though, you may always have challenges with pointing accuracy. Between the focal length (which results in a small field of view), atmospheric refraction, mechanical imperfections in the mount, flexure, and, especially, the shifting primary it may not be possible for slews to always put your subject in the field of view.  You could look at building a solid pointing model using APCC Pro (not free), but you would need some way to do plate solves, and I’m not sure that is possible with a DSLR. Someone else may have relevant experience on that. Were you planning on sticking with the SLR?

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