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Energized Guy

Wow a Mach 2.... How cool is that! Congratulation on the awesome and well deserved retirement gift Ernie and of course a person can’t say enough good things about George and the Astro-Physics company! Lots of cool narrow band images to take from your metro backyard when you can’t travel to our favorite dark site. And there’s no better place to learn the ins and outs of a new setup then your own back yard using lrgb at first until everything gets sorted out!

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Beautiful setup!!
I am envious but still am very happy with my Mach 1.
Helicopters here all night long Saturday night.



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Hello group,
My Mach2 was recently delivered, and I've been slowly learning the system in my suburban Milwaukee back yard. My previous mount purchase was in 1994 (a Losmandy G11) so I have much to learn. A big thanks to George W. who has been quite patient and quick to answer my questions. I'll use the mount at various locations in my yard (depending on the target) and at remote dark-sky sites. So it will be all portable, all the time.

A side note, I was out drift-aligning late Monday night, and a nearby crowd of George Floyd protesters drew three low-flying helicopters that at times  hovered right over my home. This went on for at least an hour. I feared that if one was a police helicopter, its occupants might notice the lone person aiming suspicious-looking gear their way and aim one of those high-powered searchlights at me. Never happened, but a weird stargazing experience all the same.

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