Re: SkySafari Pro 6 with GTOCP3

Dominique Durand

I confirm that the combination Mach1CP3 / SKYFi3 / standard RS232-USB converter / Safari 5 plus works well on my Android Cell phone. However, I still have the keyboard plugged in and in particular to put in park3 at the end of the session. I turn on the frame which automatically unpaired, I connect with Skysafari which synchronizes with the frame.
I also tested the connection with a Mach1 CP4 and I also noticed disconnections, the reconnection being quick to do.
By cons I have a problem with my new mach2 CP5. The connection is done well but not the synchronization if I have not previously turned on the mount with connection to APCC (or to the driver). I can move the mount with the arrow buttons, but the indication of positioning in the sky is not the right one and the GOTO does not work.
Is it the absence of the keypad?


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