Re: SkySafari Pro 6 with GTOCP3

Woody Schlom



I’m not a Mac person, so can’t help you there.  But I have successfully controlled my Mach1 CP3 using SkySafari-5 Pro and SkySafari-6 Pro using either a SkyBT (serial to Bluetooth – a.k.a. RN-270) or SkyFi-III (serial or USB to WiFi).  All work fine.


If you’re using a serial to USB adapter on your Mac, which one do you have?  I realize that AP used to recommend the KeySpan HS-19, but I retired mine many years ago in favor of either a genuine FTDI adapter, or another brand containing the FTDI chip.  For some reason, FTDI “gets it” and their chip just plain works – with everything.




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Sent: Sunday, May 31, 2020 5:21 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] SkySafari Pro 6 with GTOCP3


Hi All,

Anyone using SkySafari Pro 5/6 to control a GTOCP3 via USB-serial adapter on a Mac?  I can't seem to get the scope to connect, though I recall this working a few years back when I tried on an earlier macOS and possibly before I updated the firmware in the CP3 to V2.  Probably I'm missing something simple so let me know.  I can provide the connection log if that helps.  

Notwithstanding the above, I am also considering upgrading to a CP4 for the wireless and USB connectivity, so interested in hearing the experiences of anyone using SkySafari Pro on a Mac with the CP4.  I am a visual observer so looking for a simple observatory/mount control option and SkySafari Pro seems like it could be a good solution for me.  

Thanks!  Adam 

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