Re: Stall Issue

Roland Christen

Just tighten it back up. Snug, not super tight. It's the pivot point. Has zero to do with your motor stall.

You know that you can run the motor with the gears out of mesh. That way you know you are not overly tight.


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Here is that bolt I mentioned...

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Wiring is good to go. Spur gear moves fine by hand.

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Check your wiring. Your motor might not be connected to the CP.


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Hello all,

Having an issue with a motor stall after re-greasing my 1100AE mount. The stall seems to be related to movements in DEC. When I press those buttons on the keypad, the light on the back turns amber without any movement occurring. Using the spring-loaded worm system works fine, I can release and re-engage with no issues and the worm spins freely with no unexpected contact. I have no strange play in DEC, it is nice and solid as expected. 

I do have to be clear about one thing I did do mistakenly. There is a large hex bolt above the backstop/switch that I loosened when the instructions said the "center screw" not seeing the one on the inside of the motor box. I tightened it back up before proceeding any further once I found the right screw -- I am guessing this is related. 

Any steps I can take? I went through the motor removal and reinstallation process and that has not aided in solving the problem. 


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