Re: Any advantage to a cp4 and apcc pro for a 600e?

Roland Christen

With an FSQ you can definitely get good unguided performance. 30 minutes is a bit long however.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Any advantage to a cp4 and apcc pro for a 600e?

Ok it's an old mount but it does a great job with my Tak fsq106 and stl11000.
Pempro tells me that the RMS error is 1.7 arcsec.
When guiding using TheSkyX and the guider chip in the stl11000 I am always below .5arcsec RMS. The aggressiveness is set at 1 with a delay of 3 to 5 seconds between exposures.
So my cp2 is getting a little old, and I have had to resolder the power connector so I'm thinking about a cp3 or cp4. Will I get possible unguided performance of 30 minutes going the whole route with apcc? Or is that not possible?
I am polar aligned better than .5 minutes of the pole.  Oh and I only have a view from the east to South to west. Nothing north or that.
Thanks, Tom

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