Re: USB / Serial and WIFI connection #Mach2GTO

Dominique Durand

On Sat, May 30, 2020 at 03:54 AM, uncarollo2 <chris1011@...> wrote:
Thank you Rolando,
Regarding the GTOCP5 WIFI network shutdown.
Everything is connected to the electrical network (220V) by transformers in 19.6v for the PC, 24v for the mount and in 12v for the rest (Powerbox, Camera, ...).
To follow the presence or not of the WIFI network GTOCP5 I used my cell phone. I connected to it and also connected Skysafari which synchronizes well on the position of my mount. I saw that it also appeared on my PC.
1 .When I connect the USB3 plug to my PC, an MSI QE62VR 7TRF apache Pro, whether it works on battery or on the electrical network, the WIFI GTOCP5 network disappears, if I unplug the USB3 plug, the WIFI GTOCP5 network reappears.
2. When the USB3 plug is connected to the PC and therefore there is no more GTOCP5 network, if I hold the WIFI antenna of the GTOCP5 between my fingers the WIFI network reappears, Then disappears if I release the antenna. It's weird isn't it?
3. When I plug the USB3 plug into the USB2 port of my PC, there is no problem, the WIFI GTOCP5 network does not disappear.
4. When I use my wife's PC (Sony Vaio ultrabook) and I plug into one of the USB3 ports, the WIFI network does not disappear.
I conclude that in this case I have a problem with the USB3 ports of my MSI PC and for information on the USB ports I unchecked the power saving function of the power manager.


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