Re: USB / Serial and WIFI connection #Mach2GTO

Dominique Durand

On Fri, May 29, 2020 at 10:41 PM, uncarollo2 <chris1011@...> wrote:
Hello Dominoque,
here is the answer from our software engineer:

I cannot say what is happening.  There is no logical interaction between the USB and the WiFi.  It makes no sense, not something we’ve seen.  Only explainable it there is a RF environment/interference problem.
There are a bunch of questions to consider:
Are they powering the unit from a battery or from a bench power supply (potential ground loop)?
Does the behavior change if the laptop power supply is disconnected, and run only on batteries (potential ground loop eliminated)?
Does the Access Point re-appear if the USB is unplugged, or does it require a power cycle to recover the Access Point?
Are they looking for the presence of the Access Point on the same PC they connecting to USB, or are they looking at the Access Point on a cell phone (PC setting or FTDI driver problem)?
Are they trying to use the equipment in the field, or do they have internet access available?  If internet access is available, it means there is a router, and they should be connecting the CP5 to the network, not connecting something to the CPx Access Point. 
Is the WiFi antenna tangled up in harnesses to the mount (guaranteed RF problem)?
Hello Rolando,
Thank you for all its tracks to study.
After having made an 86 point modeling on a MES to improve, r I made for 5 consecutive nights photos without 3 'and 4' guidance without worries, we can say that the mach2 immediately showed "professionalism" .
I enjoy myself.Goodbye PHD2 + DO + Camera.
Tonight with a very present moon so I refined my polar alignment and I launched a larger model.I look tomorrow and tell you what it is.  What is surprising is that I am in my observatory and my GTOCP4 worked almost in the same way. PC connection via RS232 + FDTI converter.So I will also try with direct USB and Ethernet connections.
Thank you so much Rolando for having designed this wonder.


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