Unguided with pointing model


I'm really appreciating reading about Roland's work to get pointing models into the keypad.

I've been doing a lot of imaging from home, LA County, with a Traveler, and an AP180EDT with 1100GTO. My biggest bugaboo in these skies is finding a suitable guide star. PHD2 will lock onto any clump of noise and hunt around the sky trying to guide on it.

I'm presuming that the same feat as Roland is developing for the keypad is available now if I go buy the advanced version of APCC.

I never did so because I stack my setup every evening and take it down every morning, whether I'm working from Sawpit Wash at home or GMARS in the desert.

If my assumptions are correct, how much additional setup time am I adding if I plan to create a new pointing model after every setup? (Is THAT assumption correct as well?)

Aside: I'm amazed at the results I'm getting from home. I never bothered to try it from here because I just assumed it would be a waste of time. Under the circumstances, I'm not interested in traveling anywhere (and having to use a public restroom perhaps along the two-and-a-half hour trip to get there). I just decided I'd run the Messier catalog for a quarantine project, and it's been fabulous. I'm documenting it all at http://mojo.whiteoaks.com

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