Re: APCC Standard v1.8.2.0 and APCC Pro v1.8.2.1



Anyway, that's my question.. thanks. SO what I usually get hung up is at initial start up, I go to park 2 then turn on the scope, then pull up APCC, then connect, then I go to park screen and try to figure out what to do, So I'm parked now, do I unpark first, of course , then if so what tab, etc.......I'm usually OK when I'm closing up shop and go to park 2 and then park there. then shut down every thing. Any help or short cuts or understanding this a little better I would appreciate.

While I defer to A-P and Ray Gralak, I think you may be overworking this.

If you have got everything set in Settings-> Edit Initial Mount Settings along with the AP Driver, then you should be able to startup APCC and be ready to slew to a target.  When you finish, you can just power down the mount; although I choose to Park 4 due to observatory roof clearance.


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