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Roland Christen

Park 1 is determined by time. It is set to approximately 5 hours 59 minutes 50 seconds past the meridian point. If the time in your CCDAP program is slightly different by 11 seconds or more, it will send the mount to 6hrs 00min 01 seconds past the meridian, which will of course set the scope on the east side of the pier.

Park1 is a problem because it is set at very nearly the flip point of the mount. So, if there is a slight time discrepancy between two applications, the mount may park the scope on the other side. Both positions are valid because both point the scope at the Northern/Southern horizon.

Park 2 and Park3 avoid this because both of those are 6 hours from the flip point. Park4 and 5 are also vulnerable to slight time discrepancies between various external apps. In order to be accurate, all apps used on the mount must have exactly the same time, down to 1 second.


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Both, APCC and the driver has set the same position : Park 1

El mié., 27 de mayo de 2020 14:21, Ray Gralak <groups3@...> escribió:
I am not sure if this is the problem but CCDAP uses the ASCOM driver to park the mount so the ASCOM driver's park position will be used, not the park position set in APCC.

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> Dear Ray, I´m a proud owner of an AP1200 CP4 mount and have been a regular user of ACPP for many years
> with no issues so far.
> I have a remote observatory in Chile (southern hemisphere) controlled by CCDAP and want to automate the
> flats acquisition.
> Everything works well, except to the point when the flats begins. The session beggins with Park the mount
> (Park 1 is selected to match the Field Flattener's position), CCDAP waits for Civil Dusk, and then parks the
> mount again but this time the mount moves positioning the OTA in the east side of the pier....I don´t know what
> I´m doing wrong here.
> If I check the command "Park" from CCDAP it uses the park position indicated by APCC correctly so I´m
> struggled with this..
> Looking forward for your response.
> Best regards,

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