Re: Strange behaviour between CCDAP/APCC-AP Driver #APCC

Ray Gralak

I am not sure if this is the problem but CCDAP uses the ASCOM driver to park the mount so the ASCOM driver's park position will be used, not the park position set in APCC.

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Subject: [ap-gto] Strange behaviour between CCDAP/APCC-AP Driver #APCC

Dear Ray, I´m a proud owner of an AP1200 CP4 mount and have been a regular user of ACPP for many years
with no issues so far.

I have a remote observatory in Chile (southern hemisphere) controlled by CCDAP and want to automate the
flats acquisition.

Everything works well, except to the point when the flats begins. The session beggins with Park the mount
(Park 1 is selected to match the Field Flattener's position), CCDAP waits for Civil Dusk, and then parks the
mount again but this time the mount moves positioning the OTA in the east side of the pier....I don´t know what
I´m doing wrong here.

If I check the command "Park" from CCDAP it uses the park position indicated by APCC correctly so I´m
struggled with this..

Looking forward for your response.

Best regards,

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