Re: USB / Serial and WIFI connection #Mach2GTO

Roland Christen

I connect my Mach2 directly from the laptop 4 ways simultaneously. One connection is with USB cord going from USB connector on the laptop directly to the USB connector on the mount. i connect SkyX, MaximDL and PHD2 via this simple connection on one com port. I can do this directly with only the ASCOM driver connected or with APCC connected and the 3 programs connected thru virtual com ports. Both work easily and always.

My second connection is a direct Ethernet cable going from my laptop Ethernet connector directly to the CP5 Ethernet input. With this connection I can communicate directly with the mount via the AP terminal mode.

My third connection can be via wifi and smart phone apps.

My 4th connection is the keypad which I can use for many different functions.

All 4 connections work seamlessly together. The first one requires setting up the AP ASCOM driver. The rest are stand-alone.


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is therefore is it possible to have active at the same time, a USB / Serie connection on the PC and a connection by WIFI on the smartphone?
Yes, certainly.
The question is how? I tried what I seem to have understood on the APCC manual ... but without success.
When the connection port is a virtual port the impossibility to connect flashing is displayed.


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