Using Astrophotography Tool to capture images and drive 900GTO but the Meridian Delay is not working for some reason

Kevin Boucher

Anyway I am driving the mount via a GOTO command from APT (Astrophotography Tool) and the mount seems to completely ignore the Meridian delay setting. I use that extensively to get the most imaging out of my night without worries of cameras hitting the pier. I checked the Setup-> "Time & season setting" and it is correct. Not sure what else to look for. I have a CP3 controller with Q firmware version as I remember. I have also tried parking mount and then moving it to around the Park 3 configuration before issuing the GOTO command from APT with no luck as I remember there was an issue starting from Park 1 position as I know not really supported but works best for my Obs setup.
Appreciate any ideas you an offer...

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