USB / Serial and WIFI connection #Mach2GTO

Dominique Durand

I had a Mach1 GTOCP4 for 1 year and I used it in my observatory. I happened to use the WIFI connection to do positioning with Skysafari, but I did not if at the same time I had the USB / Serie connection active with the connection on my PC and APPC open.With my new Mach2 and the GTOCP5, I already connected by WIFI with Skysafari, but since with the connection to the PC (during the photo sessions) I noticed that the access point was not active so invisible in the network WIFI whether from PC or smartphone, however it appears when APPC is disconnected from the mount.It seems to me to have understood that the USB / Serie connection could be done by a virtual port. True or false? This allows to connect to the GTOCP5 in another way (except keypad) and therefore can be by WIFI.The question is therefore is it possible to have active at the same time, a USB / Serie connection on the PC and a connection by WIFI on the smartphone?



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