Re: Updating AP Ascom driver


Eduardo, just run the installer, the driver settings will be kept but it does no harm to check after installation.
As for the settings of the computer for the notation of numbers, in Europe mainly "," is used but this has to be changed to use "." as the decimal divider.  If "." is used as a decimal divider notation on your PC, you are OK.  To change the decimal notation (as I have to do to use AP Ascom driver and APCC) you do this in the configuration screen if needed.

Geert Vandenbulcke

Op di 26 mei 2020 om 17:43 schreef Eduardo Oliveira <eoliveira@...>:

Hi There,

Can someone please give me instructions on how to update the AP ASCOM driver? If I update the driver, the configurations are kept? I heard someone saying something about a language setting issue with “.” or “,”. Can someone give me some directions?


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