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Roland Christen

No need for the inverter unless you want to run the mount at 24 volts. Using an inverter wastes power, better to run at 12 volts directly. The mount is most efficient at 12 volts. Without the keypad plugged in it consumes about 14 watts at 12v, 15 watts at 18 volts and 16.6 watts at 24 volts. It is limited to 1200x slewing at 12 volts and 1800x above 18 volts.


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Ok, now that raises a question for me.

While we do have 120V power at the observatory, it is unreliable [rural location, the utility sometimes shuts it off to prevent brush fires, a club member may not realize that I am on site and will shut down the sit power when they leave at 2am].  So, I have everything set up to run on 12v and if the power is interrupted, then everything immediately switches over to a 12v LiPO4 battery that is on standby [ ].

It looks like I should be using a 12v to 120v inverter for the mount with the supplied 24v power supply plugged in... right?
Dean Jacobsen 
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