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Roland Christen

Yes, that is correct. The mount powers both microsteppers with full current at all times. The Dec motor must be powered even when it is not turning in order to maintain an exact microstep positions. This is fundamental to microstep motors. Slewing both motors at 1800x draws the most power - the motors are beefy and rated at 2.7 amps each.

The motors can be powered at a lower level, but then you may run into stalls and/or resonance situations. If this is something that you would like a handle on, we can incorporate that into our next keypad feature list. However, care must be taken to carefully balance the load so that the motors will work within their lowered load capability at the lower current levels. We can never achieve the low current consumption of our earlier DC servo motors because they have very much higher efficiency than a stepper motor. Also the Dec motor on a DC servo doesn't draw any current when it is sitting still, whereas a microstepper must draw full current whether it is moving or not in order to maintain sub-arcsec positions.


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I'm wondering what other Mach2 users are experiencing with power usage with their mounts.  

Using a Powerwerx watt meter, I'm seeing about 1.05 amps at 13.8V while tracking, as much as 5.15 amps while slewing.  I'm powering with a Pyramid PS-15KX supply, and it gets hot.  (Still indoors due to lousy weather).

These motors are drawing a lot of juice!  Is that to be expected?


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