Why must DEC backlash be off in the ASCOM driver when guiding?

Tom Blahovici

I was browsing some forums and looking at the latest ASCOM driver for the AP mounts and I noticed in the documentation that the DEC backlash should be set to 0 when using autoguiders.   The question is why?
My current setup is an AP600e with a TAK FSQ106 and an STL11000 using the autoguider chip with TheSkyX. So 3.6 arc sec/pixel.  Now I find that when guiding (rate is 1 using pulse guide) the mount does a good job with an RMS value under .5arc sec, but I need to keep the aggressiveness down to one.  Any higher and the corrections tend to shoot over the target.
So I am wondering if the dec backlash has anything to do with this.

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