The SkyX Star Synchronization

Dean Jacobsen

I fell silly for asking this question.  I have always been a GTO Keypad user and one of the first things that I do when initializing my mount is to slew to a known star, center the star on the imaging chip and then use the RECAL feature on the keypad.  THen I am good to go and when I start up TheSkyX, SGP, and PHD2, the software is getting the updated pointing information.

Now I am temporarily without the keypad.

I know this has been discussed countless times before and I vaguely remember seeing reference to it in the manuals.  But I haven't found it in the Mach2 or GTOCP5 manual yet...

Does the Star Synchronization tool in TheSkyX's telescope tab perform the same function as the RECAL?
Dean Jacobsen 
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