Re: Mach2 and PHD2 Guiding recommendations


I have yet to take my mount outside.  It's been a bad weather holiday weekend, of course. My local club had to cancel its much delayed Spring stargaze/camping trip. 
But, I've been trying out the new mount indoors.  It's a really beautiful machine.  Can't say any more than that.  I've never seen an A-P mount or had one before, but I decided to buy one on good faith.  I'm completely satisfied.
I still have to get used to the software's Connect, Park/unpark routine.  None of that was necessary with my Celestron CGEM.
Also, I'm used to my old Goto mount circling around to approach a target (using Stellarium).  The Mach2 just goes there directly.  This is soo cool. :)  Love this mount!
Really looking forward to a night outside!  Thanks, Roland!


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