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Charles Thompson

Personal, I was glad that it used the XT-60 since it is more common, easy to aquire, cheap and works extremely well.  They became popular after the RC community switched from the T style (Deans) connectors to them. I have started using those as well as the XT-30 and XT-90 connectors for all sorts of things. 

The only problem some might have is that they require soldering. I prefer solder and almost always have a TS100 with me. 


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II dont mind crimping PowerPoles, and I have a drawer full of the stuff to easily make them. I dont have any XT60 connectors on hand, and honestly had never heard of them before I bought this box.

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My only minor pet peeve about the UPBv2 is that they did not put an Anderson connector on the box and used the XT60 connector instead. Considering the wide usage and popularity of the Anderson connector, you would think they would have used that instead. 
And yes, Bill, you have to make the cable !!!!

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