Re: Any Tips From Experienced Mach2 Users

dan kowall

Hello Dominique,
Congratulations on your purchase.
Do you have any reservations about having the heat from your power box disturbing the air in front of your telescope's objective lens?

dan kowall

On Friday, May 22, 2020, 06:32:41 PM EDT, Dominique Durand via <dom33.durand@...> wrote:

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Hi guys,
Mach2 received Wednesday at the end of the afternoon, tested in the lounge on the Eagle tripod, then installed the same evening in my observatory. RAPAS to roughly align (then disassemble), then by drift with PHD2. No worries with the latest version of the driver and APCC-pro.I even started to see how to model, but little problems with APPM / SGP connection. The next day I found the solution: open SGP as administrator. So Thursday evening, first successful 35-point modeling after some "no solve" because Arcsec / pix badly configured.Then photo test (3x10 ') on M109 without apparent drift, but the passage of satellites and (2x5') on Spica where there was clearly still drift. I am now waiting for the least amount of clouds to redo a modeling with more points and then a verification.And I also fully understood that if I bought this frame it was to do without guidance.For information, I installed a powerbox v2, but under the DOVELM162 plate and at the front with a fixed wiring which allows it to stay in place in case of tube change.


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