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I think you definitely proved your point!!


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Hello some more ;^))

I took some 30 images over 3 hours almost continuously without touching the laptop, except to re-focus a couple of times. In the final stack i threw out 3 frames that had heavy satellite tracks (some right thru the central galaxy), and simply combined the rest in MaximDL. The end result is not great as far as getting deep sky results because of my horrendous light pollution, but that's not what my goal was anyhow. The goal was whether i could achieve a high res image without guiding using a simple keypad generated mount model. Below is a 50% size image which I am hoping doesn't exceed the max image size. Stars are round to approx .033 as measured by MaximDL, taken in 2 out of 5 seeing according to Clear Sky Clock. No field flattener, just straight out of the 160 lens and onto the 8300 chip.

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