Re: APCC Pro update #APCC

Cheng-Yang Tan

You can download it from here:

For whatever reason, some APCC installs are unable to find the latest updates when "check for updates" is pressed. Mine is one of them. Ray and I both tried the debug the problem and Ray thinks it's something to do with .net.

That's why I've asked Ray to post here when there's an update so that people like us can just download it by hand.


On Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 07:39:04 PM CDT, Jerome Allison <jallison@...> wrote:

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Where do you find these versions - and  Are they developer versions?

All I can find is "APCC Pro - Public Release Version      March 7, 2020    APCC Pro v1.8.0.5".

EDIT: Never mind, I see under Help there is a "Check for updates...".  I'm a brand-new user of APCC.

SECOND EDIT: What I found in the manual earlier, and now at home trying firsthand, doesn't work.  From v1.8.0.5, the "Check for updates" says "No updates to APCC are available". Why is that?

Also, the APCC window is always on top of all other windows.  Can that be changed?

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