Re: Create a PEM curve with a camera?

Roland Christen

The PE curve will apply to the mount, and has no bearing on what happens to the main scope flexure. By definition the PE curve cannot store flexure and making a PE curve automatically throws out any flexure component because it is not periodic.


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Hey David, I'm sure you're right to be wondering about the guide scope approach. Have you used this guide scope / main scope together before and confirmed there is no flexure? If you haven't I'd be worried that you'll build a PEC curve for the guide scope only. 

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Hello All, This may be a silly question, but can I use an ASI 290 mini guide camera (2.9 pixel size) through my guide scope (162 mm focal length) to create a PEM curve for my AP1100  when the day comes? Or should  it be through the   main scope.  It is a  Meade lx850 14 inch SCT..  Thinking the guide scope would avoid any mirror shift and such.. My main imaging  camera is a Canon T2i.. 

Thank you,  David



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