Re: Any Tips From Experienced Mach2 Users

Roland Christen

Good polar alignment helps a lot. Keeping the tripod/pier low makes for a more stable system. If you have more than 1 main scope, then side by side is more stable than on top of each other, unless the second scope is small (guide scope etc). Use thru-mount cable if you can, with a good powered hub. Otherwise tie the cables to the dovetail plate before snaking it down.Keep dew off the main scope and your coatings will last longer.


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Thanks Roland, after your advice yesterday I'm not really concerned about guiding settings.  My intent was to solicit any general operating tips from users based on their experience.  For instance, it may or may not [much more likely] have occurred to me that I should make sure and pull the RAPAS off before slewing the mount.  I haven't had to do that with my previous mounts.  It hasn't been something I have had to think of before and so I was glad that the topic came up.  So I was just wondering if there are any other useful things to know... that aren't about guiding.  ;-)
Dean Jacobsen 
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