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Roland Christen

For first time operation of any mount setup, run the Guiding Assistant, get all the data, evaluate it, and set the mount up according to what is recommended by the Guiding assistant. Why futz around and ask what others have for settings? every setup is different, has different dynamics, different seeing, different focal lengths etc etc. Use the power of the software to get you grounded and started. That's my advice.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Any Tips From Experienced Mach2 Users

Any operating tips from those of you who have been using your Mach2s for a while now?

I know that I need to remember to remove the RAPAS before slewing the mount.  Guiding with PHD2 seems to be no different than what I have been doing with the exception of a 2 or 3 second delay between exposures.  Any other useful tips?
Dean Jacobsen 
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