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Ray Gralak

Hi Bill,

If you have a CP3 it's best that you stay with until the next release. In 1.8.1.x a change was made to make the sign of the tracking rates consistent with what external programs expect, but it seems like it doesn't work with the CP3 because of an unexpected firmware difference between it and the CP4/5. Sorry, it wasn't discovered before 1.8.1.x was released. I usually don't have enough time to test with the CP3 under dark skies any more.

-Ray Gralak
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Subject: [ap-gto] APCC Pro update #APCC

I have been using APCC Pro with V2 5.30.10 on a AP1600-CP3 mount. I have a pointing model and have
been running with Enable Pointing Correction and Enable Tracking Correction. When I updated to APCC Pro I had to turn off Enable Tracking Correction as the rates seemed wrong (could not track a star). Also, on
pier flip I had to abort with the scope pointing way below the horizon, then got it to successfully park back to park 4.
After restoring everything worked properly as before. I don't currently have log files to post. Any help would
be appreciated. Thanks.

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