Re: Mount recommendation for TEC 180FL with FLI 16803 + FW #Mach2GTO

Shailesh Trivedi


I am the OP (I am assuming it stands for Original Poster).

This is very encouraging as I am very much interested in the portability of the Mach2 GTO and want an option to be able to image it with a TEC 180 FL (37lbs, 44 inches retracted min length) but with a Proline FLI 16803 that perhaps adds another 15 lbs and nother 10 inches to the length.

I do have a permanent pier setup but from Software Bisque for user with a Paramount MX hole pattern. When I get my Mach2 notification, I would like to know if/how I can use that permanent pier with some AP adapters on my 10 inch permanent SW Bisque pier.


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